OrionRank 2017 Top 100 – #30-#21

Welcome to the eighth of ten articles for OrionRank 2017! I’ll be detailing the Top 100 player-by-player.

More Information: https://intheloop837.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/orionrank-2017-top-100-announcement-information-methodology-101/

Written by Barnard’s Loop

Illustrations by Freeziebeatz

Ranking work by Freeziebeatz & Barnard’s Loop

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ORIONRANK TOP 100: #70-#61

71-61 is here! The errors from the last list have also been corrected, thanks to those who pointed them out and to freeziebeatz for fixing the images.

Methodology is here:


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As an introduction to OrionRank Top 100 2016, I’ll be showcasing eight “Hidden Bosses” who failed to qualify for the list. Almost all of them are foreign from the U.S. since that’s generally the reason data in lacking.

I may do a follow up to this at some point since there are more, but these all seemed the most prominent/successful among the list of “Hidden Bosses” I have.

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