LibraRank 2017 – Day 3 – #30-#21


Welcome to Day 3!

For more information, including an outline of the methodology used, see Day 1:

Let’s get into it!

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The second of five articles breaking down the Top 50 is here!

Information about OrionRank 2017 Late Summer can be found here for those who missed the announcement post.

Using data from very late December of 2016 to Shine 2017, we proudly present the Top 50! Let’s get into things.

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OrionRank Late Summer Top 50 – Announcement and Honorable Mentions.

Hello, all! As with the first four months of 2017, Freezie & I are here to present another iteration of OrionRank! In this iteration, we will be ranking the top players based on set histories and performances from very late December 2016 to Shine 2017, meaning we’re using 8 months. This is not a seasonal snapshot. Rather, it takes the year so far into account.

After 2016’s flaws, we fixed many of the problems with OrionRank 2016 in the 2017 iteration through a number of significant changes to the methodology. This time around, the changes are far more minor from the early 2017 iteration, as we feel that the bulk of the issues have been resolved.

Here we go!

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Data Analysis: Understanding Marth & Lucina’s position in the metagame.

It’s the age-old debate: Where should Lucina be placed on the Tier List? Next to Marth, above, under? If Marth reaches high tier, should she naturally follow in his position in spite of lacking the same results?

Today, I’ll be looking at this through data analysis. As per usual, my data comes from my tournament database, linked here with an explanation of the methodology for character scoring:

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OrionRank 2017 – Late December-Umebura Japan Major Top 25, 2017.

Hello, all! Freezie & I are here to present the May update to OrionRank 2017! There are a ton of surprises in this early-mid year iteration. Some players have fallen off, some have gained traction, others exploded onto the scene. With career revivals, Japan’s visits, and some struggling to keep up, the mid-year ranking was sure to be something different. This is a new era of Smash 4, and we were happy to try and rank it!


Intro & Outro written by BarnardsLoop, player descriptions made by freeziebeatz, images made by freeziebeatz. Edited by BarnardsLoop & freeziebeatz.

Without further ado…


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