OrionRank 2017 Top 100 – #70-#61

Welcome to the fourth of ten articles for OrionRank 2017! I’ll be detailing the Top 100 player-by-player.

More Information: https://intheloop837.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/orionrank-2017-top-100-announcement-information-methodology-101/

Written by Barnard’s Loop

Illustrations by Freeziebeatz

Ranking work by Freeziebeatz & Barnard’s Loop

#70 – quiK


2016 Rank: N/A (NEW)

Currently Germany’s third ranked player, quiK is the most traveled among German players this year. While he’s defeated the bulk of Europe’s greatest players, his biggest win came at Nairo Saga, where he defeated Larry Lurr 2-1 in bracket.

He also defeated Raito and Samsora at Mega Smash Mondays 100, the largest weekly event in Smash 4 history.

#69 – Vinnie


2016 Rank: 53rd (-16)

While not a frequent attendee of events outside of Tristate these days, Vinnie – known for being among the first to take a set off of ZeRo – still shows shades of his late Brawl & 2015 self. At DreamHack Atlanta, he made an unexpected upset on MKLeo, defeating him 2-1 with a 2 stock.

#68 – Edge


2016 Rank: N/A (NEW)

While not quite living up to his much-hyped potential, the Kansai Diddy/Sheik player still made some rumbles in 2017 both early year in Japan and in the U.S., managing to take out Zenyou, FOW, and Charliedaking during his runs in the U.S.

Notably, he defeated KEN at KSB 2017 at the height of his strength, and managed to take 3 wins off of Ranai with his Diddy.

#67 – Charliedaking


2016 Rank: 74th (+7)

2017 was, in many respects, the year of Fox. Among the many come-ups, Fox players have been one of the most common sights, and Charliedaking’s aggressive upset over Abadango at ARMS Saga marked one of the first signs of Fox’s rise.

His raw potential and impressive set record indicate he should likely be ranked higher, but his card demonstrates that he struggled greatly during the first half of 2017, resulting in a lower ranking than many may expect.

His most recent placements indicate significant improvement, and he carries one of the best records against the top 20 among players in this area of the ranking.

#66 – John Numbers


2016 Rank: 101st (+35)

The world’s lone truly successful Wii Fit Trainer, Tristate’s former Nintendo World Champion saw his best national performance come at Combo Breaker 2017, where he defeated Zinoto, MVD, and Ned in bracket before ultimate placing 2nd to ESAM.

#65 – Ac


2016 Rank: 162nd (+97)

Ac has come up as one of the most improved players from last year’s OrionRank, jumping nearly 100 spots. His Meta Knight & Falco combo served him well to rise upwards, with his set on 6WX at Midwest Mayhem Saga being one of his first major steps into relevancy.

At Civil War, he notably defeated MKLeo in loser’s bracket, and later was responsible for defeating KEN at Fire Emblem Saga.

#64 – Ryuga


2016 Rank: 56th (-8)

Corrin has had a solid year, and part of that is due to the efforts of this particular Michigan native. Ryuga defeated false and Larry Lurr at Fire Emblem Saga, has sets on both of the world’s best Olimar players, and notably eliminated Captain Zack at Super Smash Con.

He’s currently the second best active Corrin main and generally considered among Michigan’s best – a region known for holding powerhouses like Ally and Zinoto.

#63 – cyve


2016 Rank: 83rd (+20)

Germany tops off their OrionRank representation with their best, cyve. While not having traveled to the U.S. this year, he has consistently placed in the top 4 of pretty much every event he’s attended in Europe, giving him an extensive win record against most of Europe.

#62 – MattyG


2016 Rank: N/A (NEW)

MattyG remained regionally inclined in New England for much of the year, but he showed himself as one of the world’s best active Clouds with a lengthy loser’s bracket run at Super Smash Con 2017 where he defeated a variety of noteworthy players.

Starting round 2 in losers bracket, MattyG worked his way through Kameme, Ned, Light, RFang, and THUNDER before placing 13th at the Super Major event.

#61 – Myran


2016 Rank: 84th (+23)

The world’s second best Olimar player came into his own during 2017, starting with a major upset over Tweek at Frostbite 2017. Since then, he’s taken a number of notable sets on players across the East Coast, as well as a set on SoCal Fox Charliedaking.

His activity waned in the later part of 2017, but his first half of the year sends a strong reminder that Olimar has the potential to be a relevant meta force in the states.






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