Data Analysis: Understanding Marth & Lucina’s position in the metagame.

It’s the age-old debate: Where should Lucina be placed on the Tier List? Next to Marth, above, under? If Marth reaches high tier, should she naturally follow in his position in spite of lacking the same results?

Today, I’ll be looking at this through data analysis. As per usual, my data comes from my tournament database, linked here with an explanation of the methodology for character scoring:

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EVO 2017 Pool Analysis

Analyzing Round 2 Pools

It’s the eve of EVO 2017, the biggest Smash 4 tournament of the year, and one of the most stacked. I decided to post by analysis and input as an article for InTheLoop. I’ve been right about things before and horribly wrong, too! Especially the latter. Enjoy!

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