OrionRank 2017 – Late December-Umebura Japan Major Top 25, 2017.

Hello, all! Freezie & I are here to present the May update to OrionRank 2017! There are a ton of surprises in this early-mid year iteration. Some players have fallen off, some have gained traction, others exploded onto the scene. With career revivals, Japan’s visits, and some struggling to keep up, the mid-year ranking was sure to be something different. This is a new era of Smash 4, and we were happy to try and rank it!



Intro & Outro written by BarnardsLoop, player descriptions made by freeziebeatz, images made by freeziebeatz. Edited by BarnardsLoop & freeziebeatz.

Without further ado…


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Character Data – 2016-2017 – An Extensive Analysis.

Hi, I’m BarnardsLoop. Since early 2016, I’ve been compiling character results data. While I mostly stuck to Smashboards throughout 2016, I eventually started becoming more active in my reddit postings as of 2017 in an effort to get my data more exposure to the general public.

This is a master post of sorts – of all data that I’ve collected and long breakdowns of it, from March 15th, 2016 to April 30th, 2017. I will be analyzing several characters and their data on the roster, along with how much certain players contributed, and average points gained by characters per month.

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