ORIONRANK TOP 100: #40-#31

40-31 is here! Most infographic-related errors are in the process of being fixed. The image part is done, I simply need to modify the pages to fix things where necessary.


40 – Ryo


Playing numerous Fire Emblem characters, the North Florida Ike/Corrin/Roy player has been known since the Brawl days. However, his run at Super Smash Con 2016 – which featured a narrow 2-3 loss vs. Abadango, in part using Roy – was quite impressive. Defeating Mr. E, ESAM, and Day to get to Top 12 Winners Side, Ryo also retains an impressive record in Florida, having defeated every top player in the state during 2016 except MVD.

39 – False


One of many players foreshadowing Marth’s rise to the top, False made an explosive losers bracket run at Midwest Mayhem 3 that saw him taking the entire event, an unexpected feat from a player most see as inconsistent. This, alongside his run at CEO that included a win over Tweek, and his decent placements at KTAR XIX and KTAR Saga, proved lucrative enough to put him high on the list.

38 – Shuton


As with many Japanese players on this list, his record at major events is scarce. He defeated Komorikiri at Umebura S.A.T., however, and retains a level of dominance over the the Kyushu region, rarely dropping events there. When he travels, he’s also remarkably consistent. Umebura S.A.T. and Sumabato 11 are the only events he’s placed outside of top 8 for this cycle, making him a rare example of a consistent in-region player.

He does all of this with Olimar, an unorthodox character written off by many early in the games’ life. While Dabuz’s Olimar is more commonly seen due to Dabuz’s concerns over match-ups, he and most players seem to recognize Shuton’s Olimar as the best in the world by a long stretch, with plenty of wins and placements to prove it.

37 – Dath


Sporting a bronze at a major, Dath’s mid-late 2016 blaze of glory saw him eliminate ANTi from EVO and later go on to defeat Marss in his own home turf at Shine, additionally adding SuperGirlKels, 6WX (twice), and Larry Lurr to his list of souls at the event. This marks what’s likely the best run from a character that’s often seen as lower-mid, or at least was at the time before Dath blew up onto the scene.

While he was eliminated by ESAM at the event 2-3, he’s beaten him before as well as most of the players in his home state. Add wins against JJROCKETS and Nietono to his portfolio and you’re left with the world’s best Robin main and one of Florida’s best, both locally and internationally.

36 – Elegant


While the debate over whether the best Luigi in SoCal is Elegant or Mr. ConCon will likely rage on, Elegant’s international record firmly places him as the best Luigi main both in-region and worldwide. He had an abrupt breakout at 2GGT: Abadango Saga, defeating the event’s namesake in a decisive 3-1 victory.

While some may assume Abadango was simply having an off day, this didn’t deter Elegant from immediately 3-0ing VoiD afterwards, making sure that everybody would remember his name. He hasn’t replicated a run of that caliber since, but his record at MSM weeklies, multiple wins on Tyrant and K9, and quiet 13th at KTAR Saga should assure Luigi mains that the character’s meta is far from dead.

35 – Manny


A man of many tags, Manny, also known as “Static Manny”, “Static”, “Spark”, “All Might”, and “Oni Heero” remains Florida’s premier Sonic player and one of the world’s best Roy players.

Noted by his regional record, he carries a nigh-unmatched consistency record in his home state of Florida, almost always placing top 8 at state regionals and taking sets off of pretty much every relevant Florida player outside of ESAM without any recorded weekly attendance attendance outside of large Smash Conference events.

Despite not placing high at TBH6 due to an upset loss to Aarvark, he took out two players who rank a good bit higher than him – K9 and Zinoto, eliminating the latter from the event. An additional win vs. ANTi and 9th place finish at Shine 2016 leaves him in an excellent position as one of the most threatening Sonic players today.

34 – Falln


The second-highest ranked Rosalina & Luma main on this list, Falln earns that title through his consistency at SoCal events. While not doing particularly well at EVO, his prior Supermajor run at CEO and other runs at 2GGT: KTAR Saga and ZeRo Saga more than make up for it.

His run at CEO includes wins on Tweek and Mass, while his run at 2GGT: KTAR saga notably featured a win over Tyrant’s Meta Knight. His biggest win of the year, however, remains his unexpected upset victory over VoiD at 2GGT: FOW Saga. Having denied VoiD a set against Larry at the event, Falln would later go on to lose to Larry, placing 5th.

33 – 6WX


While Pennsylvania hasn’t been as big a state name to Smash 4 as it was to Brawl, 6WX has set out to keep the often-forgotten portion of Tristate relevant in the current meta game. He has a positive 2-1 record on Ally for the year with wins at Midwest Mayhem 4 and Super Smash Con 2016, the latter of which he placed 9th at after also defeating Tweek in winners bracket.

His most significant major run – perhaps offsetting his disappointing CEO run – was his 4th at Shine. At the event, he ran through New England and Mew2King, notably defeating Craftis 3-0 in the Sonic ditto. His run was eventually halted by Dath, but it wasn’t without a fight.

32 – Fatality


Despite often coming short of taking big sets,┬áthe flashy Georgia Falcon main managed to make a few dents this year by taking a set off of Marss at Super Smash Con 2016 and eventually took out Kameme’s Sheik 3-2 at ZeRo Saga.

While a potential 30-21 rank player at his best, we have seen Fatality falter and struggle to defeat top level players. This is most apparent by the nature of his losers bracket runs, where he will often run through virtually any player in his path before being stopped cold in his tracks by somebody in the top 15-20 range.

In spite of this, he’s still Georgia’s best player, and his recent win on Kameme and continued high placements at majors signal that he could be bound for an eventual breakout that pushes him into the upper echelon of players.

His run through Renegade, Dan, Pugwest, Samsora, Cosmos, and Ri-ma at TBH6 may be regarded as his best losers bracket run, with his notable victory against FOW at ZeRo Saga being one of the most high profile sets of late 2016.

31 – Ito


Despite not being well traveled, the California Meta Knight is one of the state’s most consistent players. Dominating NorCal for several months, Ito also went on to take second at Hero to ZeRo – Offline Qualifiers, resetting the bracket against Larry Lurr in Grand Finals. With Larry and fellow California Meta Knight Tyrant as part of his win list,

Ito’s consistency at Southwestern, NorCal, and SoCal events is backed up by impressive set wins that establish him as one of the best Meta Knights players and one of California’s most dangerous players.


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