ORIONRANK TOP 100: #80-#71

80-71 is here!

Methodology is here:


Some surprises here, and the last truly volatile set of 10.Tomorrow onward, players become increasingly consistent, and there’s a greater amount of consistency between set wins and placements as point gaps begin to dramatically increase.

80 – IcyMist


Once Anther’s #1 player, IcyMist managed to garner decent weekly results and quietly defeated high-ranking East Coast players such as Spark, Seagull Joe, and Day at Majors before using her talents as an online warrior to ultimately get into Losers Side Top 8 at Battle in the Strip. In an unexpected Losers Run, IcyMist toppled the Vegas PR and went on to reset the bracket against Dabuz in a groundbreaking run that helped establish a Samus meta on a national scale.

After this, IcyMist later attended the 2016 Midwest tournament finale Showdown: Battle Royale where she put up a tough fight against the Midwest’s top 3, defeating Ned, taking a game from Ally, and pushing Zinoto to his limit in a 5-game set. 2016 is a year full of many Low Tier Heroes, and Icy’s runs late in the year have helped establish herself as one of many to look out for in 2017.

79 – Seagull Joe


MD/VA’s #3 PR, Seagull Joe is one of a metric ton of North American Sonic players. While always having been noteworthy due his his exposure at Smash @ Xanadu Tuesdays and never ranking below 3rd on the MD/VA PR, he became known as one of the biggest upsetters in Smash history after defeating ZeRo in TBH5.

While he hasn’t had any comparable performances in 2016, he has a broad pool of sets spanning both coasts, beating Charliedaking, Rich Brown, Pugwest, and most of his fellow MD/VA competition. Also significant is his win over iStudying at Pound 2016, who was, at the time, riding off of a highly publicized Losers Run at BEAST 6.

78 – SuperGirlKels


Another North American Sonic, SuperGirlKels is known for respectable runs at GOML and Shine, accompanied by an impressive run at super-regional Apex 2016 where she defeated Mew2King. With additional Top 8 hits at EGLX and a good track record in Canada, she’s one of Canada’s top 5 best players and one of the most popular Sonic mains in the world, known for her comparatively aggressive and sometimes flashy Sonic play.


77 – Sodrek


While not PR’d #1 in Germany, Sodrek’s international results netted him a narrow placement over fellow countryman Cyve. While having an excellent record in Europe with wins over Elexiao, Ixis, and iStudying, his best wins were low profile victories over top-level players such as Marss and Rich Brown at pre-TBH6 Midwest regions that attracted a large talent pool.

With a 7th at Smashdown World and 2nd at Eclipse 2 demonstrating his consistency in Europe as a trait to pair with his big wins in-continent, Sodrek handily takes a spot on the Top 100.

76 – Saiki


While not carrying significant results at majors, Saiki makes up for this with strong Southwestern results in super-regionals and regionals, managing to net wins over many of the west’s best, including FOW, Larry Lurr, K9, Falln, JK, and all of his fellow AZ players. First noted for his upset victory over FOW at LVL UP EXPO, Saiki has quietly continued to take sets off of top players as the year has progressed at Arizona regionals such as Final Destination, Rise, and Rewired 2016.

75 – Xzax


Once a top level SoCal player, Xzax’s move to NorCal was quickly followed by dominance at NorCal regionals, with Xzax taking sets over NorCal regulars, including players such as 3xA and Trevonte, and placing 1st at Don’t You Dair 3 and Who’s Your Pappy 4. Beyond his NorCal runs, he also has good results from SoCal earlier in the year, defeating most SoCal regulars such as Luigi mains Mr. ConCon and Elegant, Toon Link Top 100 contender Zan, and other notable favorites such as Tearbear, Nicko, and Angbad.

His premier performance came at 2GGT: Fresh Saga where he made a remarkable losers run, eliminating Pink Fresh from his own Saga and taking additional wins off of K9, Zenyou, and Aphro, who almost defeated Trela in bracket.

74 – Charliedaking


Edging Xzax out as California’s second best Fox, Charliedaking is one of SoCal’s younger high level players. Despite a less than stellar cap to his major performances with a 65th at ZeRo Saga, he defeated VoiD 2-1 at Smash City LA and swiftly defeated Larry’s Meta Knight at MSM 78, both in December.

With such significant wins, it’s hardly a surprise that he’s also taken sets off pretty much every relevant SoCal player at this point, meaning his set wins will look like an extended SoCal PR. With great heights and tons of potential, CDK has positioned himself for a potential hit performance in 2017 – watch out for him at the 2GG Circuit!

73 – Aarvark


With mere decimal points separating himself and Charliedaking, SoCal’s premier Villager and undoubtedly the world’s second best solo-Villager, Aarvark, has a similar in-region record to CDK. This includes a win on VoiD, but he has broader countrywide results with his low-key run at TBH6. Taking out FILIP,  Remzi, San, and Spark, Aarvark quietly placed an impressive 17th at his best out-of-state run at an international tournament.

72 – Cosmos


Rarely attending out-of-state, Cosmos has yet to disappoint in or out of his region. While Ally has a notorious Corrin problem, Cosmos’ 10-game Grand Finals exchange with Ally at Gamers Fight Cancer demonstrate how potentially underrated he is. This is accompanied by two definitive 3-1 wins over ESAM at the same event.

However, the OK regional was low key, and most watchers likely know him either from his hard-fought 4th place at Low Tier City 4 or his explosive performance at The Big House 6, where he upset Zinoto and ultimately landed at 17th at his first big international tournament. Since then, he’s also taken a set from Samsora at Aftershock 2016 and was ranked 2nd on the statewide Texas PR, making him the best DFW player and a force to be reckoned with in the state of Texas.

71 – SlayerZ


Despite rare attendance, SlayerZ score was largely gained by his early to mid-year performance at 2GGT: Fresh Saga, where he defeated Zenyou, Elegant, Z, TLTC, and Rich Brown in a single run, finishing in 5th at one of the largest super-regionals of the year. With additional wins on AZ Greninja Stroder and SoCal regulars Scizor,  Mr. ConCon and Charliedaking, SlayerZ has a large chunk of significant SoCal victories under his belt despite rare appearances, garnering him a particularly high score.





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