ORIONRANK TOP 100: #100-91

The first of ten articles detailing the Top 100! Sorry for the slight delay, start-of-year stuff.  These will be published every 1-2 days until completion. For those interested in the methodology, here:


100 – TheReflexWonder



One of the world’s last prominent Wario mains in a year unkind to the character, Reflex’s insistence on staying with the character has earned him the #1 PR spot in Georgia in Late 2016, with him managing to defeat and eliminate then #1 PR Wrath at The Big House 6. While he placed 33rd, he also had the honor of taking out Dath, who had a fantastic summer season.

99 – Some


A notable Wifi warrior hailing from the Tokohu region, Some is generally considered Japan’s best Greninja. Despite not carrying a myriad of high placements and only attending six tournaments during the Post-Patch era, he’s taken sets off of KEN and Abadango, with his notable second place at TSC4 being the tournament that managed to push him into the Top 100. He also took sets off of Umeki and Pichi at Umebura S.A.T, obtaining 17th place at a Major.

98 – 8BitMan



Florida’s best R.O.B, 8BitMan’s score was elevated by his ability to take on a number of high level players at pre-Tournament weekly events, with wins on ESAM, Rich Brown, Angbad, Samsora, and Mr. E – not to mention a respectable score against the rest of his fellow Florida fighters, with sets on Prince Ramen, Dyr, Master Raven, SAj, Xaltis, and many, many more.

97 – Prince Ramen



Famous for his breakout victory against ZeRo at CEO, Prince Ramen is the world’s best Palutena main in both score and by process of elimination. Winning GotE 4 the Kids over 8BitMan, he has also sets on a few of Florida’s better players, including Saj, Riot, and Ryo.

Despite bombing at 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, Prince Ramen has the honor of being the highest placing Palutena main in the game’s history post-Customs, with a solid 33rd at CEO in part due to his wins over ZeRo and Top 100 contender Dekillsage, a Tristate Fox.

96 – DJ Jack



Despite not being very well known, DJ Jack is a Ryu main from South Florida PR’d 4th, ahead of other Florida titans such as Xaltis and 8Bitman, and most notably, Dath. His strong local performances and set wins over nearly every relevant Florida player make him one a few players on this list benefited heavily from insular performances, but his skill cap against Florida suggests he has a lot of potential going forward, making him well deserving of his spot on the Top 100.

95 – Riot



Continuing with our Florida-heavy trend in the 100-91 rank, Riot, also known as RiotLettuce, is a Bayonetta main from Central Florida best known for his domineering weekly performances prior to Bayonetta’s nerfs, where he took down players like Mew2King, Ryo, and numerous other prominent Florida names. Despite a falloff in local events after the nerfs, Riot’s early-year performances were enough to secure him the 95th spot.

94 – ImHip



Using an unorthodox pairing of Olimar and Duck Hunt, ImHip is one of the best players of both of these characters in North America, with his Duck Hunt managing to topple Tyrant’s Sheik and Meta Knight in his defining performance at 2GGT: Mexico Saga. While otherwise known for taking sets off of SoCal regulars, ImHip managed to turn in an excellent performance at 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, eliminating NorCal’s #2 PR Xzax and defeating Pink Fresh 3-0.

93 – Holy



One of Montreal’s best and Ally’s brother, Holy has the honor of being the highest ranked R.O.B. on the Top 100, with consistent showings in-country against some of Canada’s best, including DarkAura, Venom, and SuperGirlKels, and he nearly beat Ally in a Best of 5 at SmashLoft 97. It’s hard to say how he’d do at international competitions, but his success in Canada has been a boon for him in 2016.

92 – Rayquaza07



Ranked 8th in the Midwest and 3rd in Michigan, Rayquaza remains one of the country’s best Rosalina & Luma mains. First noted after a breakout performance at The Big House 5, and while he couldn’t replicate that success at the far more stacked Big House 6, he got a solid 17th and came 1 game away from making Top 16 – representing the potential skill cap of the region.

Other than his national level performances, such as taking down Mr. E at SSC2016, he also retains strong in-state performances, having defeated Ally twice this year and having defeated numerous big-name Midwestern players such as DarkShad, Ksev, and Ryuga, the latter of which with his handy secondary Bowser.

91 – Nicko



While not known for significant accomplishments at the national level, Nicko’s performances at SoCal weeklies have elevated him to a level where he’s often believed to be the best Shulk in the world, taking sets off of many of SoCal’s big names such as K9 and Rich Brown. Despite mostly staying in-region, he also traveled to Texas-hosted Battlegrounds 3, taking a set off of Fatality and placing 4th overall.

While not used due to how late it took place, he even recently took a set off of Larry Lurr 3-2 at the True Combo Thursday 2016 finale in late December. If you’re a Shulk fan, there’s plenty to look forward to as Nicko continues to improve.


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