As an introduction to OrionRank Top 100 2016, I’ll be showcasing eight “Hidden Bosses” who failed to qualify for the list. Almost all of them are foreign from the U.S. since that’s generally the reason data in lacking.

I may do a follow up to this at some point since there are more, but these all seemed the most prominent/successful among the list of “Hidden Bosses” I have.


First noted for his breakout victory against Shuton at KIT Festival, he later made a huge impression at Hirosuma Tokaigi Qualifer. Defeating Shuton, Ron, and most notably 2-0ing Komorikiri, some have come to believe he is the best Shulk player in the world. He will be participating in Frame Perfect Series 2 in March, so look forward to his first overseas appearance!


Most noted for his doubles run with MKLeo at Canada Cup, the Mexican Cloud/Sheik/Ness tri-main has given his cousin MKLeo a significant amount of Sheik training that he later utilized to defeat players like Mr. R and VoiD. While Javi primarily stuck with Cloud in Canada Cup singles and ultimately took decisive losses to Ally and Mew2King, he proved that he was capable of contending with some of Canada’s very best.


A relatively unknown name, the Puerto Rican Rosalina & Luma main made brief waves at EVO when he sent Zinoto to Loser’s Bracket, and overall getting 33rd. A greater testament to the potential skill level of the region could be that DOOM is only PR’d 5th. The Caribbean could be a part of the world full of hidden bosses, so DOOM’s EVO performance nets him a spot on the Hidden Boss write-ups.


Brother of Javi and cousin of MKLeo, Serge is known for being the first to break MKLeo’s winning streak in Mexico, and later went on to achieve the feat of taking Mr. R to game 5 at Smash Factor Prelude. He has a dangerously vast selection of characters, spanning from common sights like Cloud to more specialized characters like Greninja and rare sights like Charizard and Roy. He’s also often brought up as a prime candidate for best Lucario, but a lack of data prevents this from being known for the time being.


Once Japan’s #1 online player, Ron is a prominent Wifi warrior noted for using Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. While he doesn’t attend tournaments often, his solid placements at Hirosuma Tokaigi Qualifier and Sumabato 12 plus wins over players like Komorikiri and Earth demonstrate that he’s likely Japan’s best Mario.


Hailing from Georgia, LordMix is the arbiter of the new Bowser craze. LordMix had his breakout performance at MomoCon 2016 where he defeated VoiD and Vinnie and took Ally to the brink. While he mainly stays in Georgia and has many successes over their top PRs, he’s also traveled to Smash Conference 68, where he went on to send Mew2King to losers bracket.


Considered Japan’s best Fox, SH made waves in 2015 with an out-of-nowhere win against Abadango. Unfortunately, he’s generally inactive, but he carries 2 good performances, with a 3rd place finish behind Fuwa and HIKARU at Sumabato 13, and two set wins over Taiheita (plus wins on 9B and Ikep…) in one of his defining performances at Karisuma 10.


Often believed to be the second best Rosalina & Luma player in the world, Kirihara is a rare sight. Despite an underwhelming performance at EVO where he was double-eliminated by Hyuga, he later managed to re-solidify his status as one of the most dangerous unranked players. He forced VoiD into using Mewtwo at Umebura 25 and ultimately eliminated him, and later defeated KEN, Abadango, and Kameme at the round-robin DNG Kanto Invitational.




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